Lauren Williams

President & Founder, Board Member

“Ever since I was a child I have been surrounded by dogs in some way or another. I had a Dalmatian who had 12 puppies and my grandparents had on average 8-10 dogs at a time, all of them were rescued. My aunts had rescue dogs and my cousins did too, so it’s not a surprise that I ended up loving them so much. I’ve been blessed to have rescued 4 amazing dogs so far (three of them from shelters and another was a stray I found on the streets). Throughout the years, I have helped save abandoned dogs by offering veterinary assistance and networked to find them forever homes. I have also supported numerous organizations but having a non-profit of my own has been a dream come true. I'm also a vegetarian and a proponent of animal rights.”

Lauren is originally from Brazil and lives in San Diego, California with her husband and two rescued dogs, Savannah and Summer. She’s a sales director at a company based in California.

Michael Cameron

Vice President, Board Member

“I am driven by passion for service, and raising the awareness of issues that affect animals on land and in the oceans.  I have deep roots in San Diego and when I’m not raising money for Compassion for paws, I’m busy working with clients who are selling and investing in properties in San Diego, and educating the business community on several topics related to the economy and real estate markets. My wife Amy and I have rescued and given homes to many different furry animals over the years, and currently have two Chinese Crested dogs, Fiona and Lulu in our family. Fiona was adopted from a breeder in El Cajon and Lulu is a rescue from Tijuana. I enjoy working out, hiking, travel, music, and taking my dogs to dog beach and on car trips.”


Michael lives in Carlsbad, California with his wife and 2 rescued dogs.  He owns and runs a broker & real estate company.

Amy Cameron

Special Events, Board Member

“I have a huge passion and love for all animals. My job is to bring attention and awareness to our non-profit organization through frequent fund raising events. I post regularly about my dog-centric love on Facebook and Instagram and when I’m not cuddling on the couch with my fur babies (Fiona and Lulu), I’m competing in annual 5Ks, practicing yoga, hiking Torrey Pines State Beach, and selling real estate.  I hope that my love for all furry creatures and my passion for saving and helping animals will rub off on as many people as possible!”

Amy is a mother of 2 children and lives in Carlsbad, California with her husband and 2 rescued dogs. She’s an agent and owner of a real estate company.

Rio Cameron

Social Media, Board Member

Rio’s involvement with the organization comes from her passion to help the lives of dogs in need everywhere. As a San Diego native, Rio grew up with rescue dogs her whole life. Her first memory of a puppy was being able to pick one out from a local rescue group. From then on, rescue dogs have always been a solid part of her family. Rio is very active and enjoys regular hikes with her rescue pup, Marley. She hopes to impact the lives of dogs and families everywhere while spreading awareness to the people around us to always adopt and not shop!"

Rio lives in San Diego, California with her rescued dog and works as a Personal Trainer.  

Reza Tirgari

Fundraising, Board Member

As a practicing physician, I believe in treating others with compassion, care and love, especially those who do not have a voice.  That said, some of the most vulnerable members of our society are the animals who cannot speak for themselves and who count on us to do so.  I have lived and traveled across the world, and witnessed the suffering of animals in many countries and the urgent need for us to become their advocates.  This not only includes dogs and cats who end up on the streets, but also animals who are farmed and exploited by industries who profit from their misery.  This is also why I gave up eating meat several years ago and have never looked back.  It has been an honor to be a part of Compassion for Paws and to support their mission.


Reza lives in and practices cosmetic surgery in San Diego.  His passions include fitness, hiking and spending time with his rescued pup Tigger.

Andres Ortiz and Karen Abbott Ortiz

Rescue Partners

Andres and Karen are an entrepreneurial team. They have owned and ran multiple businesses in Old Town, San Diego since 2003. Karen grew up in a farm in Texas and developed a keen insight to animal's needs at a very young age. Andres is from Colombia and began his interest in caring for animals with his first rescue, Rosie. They have seen endless relationships healed from this one act of love: Rescuing. “Animals/Pets have a distinct ability to heal and soothe when no one or nothing else can. This is the blessing of animals in our lives, a mutual rescue.”

“We are the middlemen and volunteers. We pick up pets and deliver them to vets for medical aid to get them ready and adoptable. We facilitate them into the hands of rescuers and fosters until they are ready for adoption. We are active in donating our time and money to spay and neuter street animals every 3 months with local vet clinics. We deliver much needed food to those owners who have no resources. Compassion For Paws International is one of the main charities that donates food and medicine to our endeavours as well as helping these pets find forever homes.”

Andres and Karen live in San Diego, CA with their rescued dog Rosie. 

Mariana Paula Noli

Legal Advisor

Mariana is from Argentina and has been living in the U.S. for many years. She's a patent attorney and owns a law firm in California. Mariana helped Compassion For Paws with legal matters pertaining to our organization's name and trademarking our logo. She has also participated in several of our events and we're so thankful to have her volunteering with so much passion to save lives.


Mariana lives in Oceanside with both her rescued dogs, Dude and Buddy. 

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